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10 Things That Indicate Your Partner Is Going Legally Wrong

On November 26, 2019

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev


When it comes to a physically abusive relationship, many people think of violence; however, mental torture is equally wrong and illegal. Psychologists say that psychological torture is more dangerous than physical abuse.

In many cases, women don’t have any clue about this kind of illegal act. Here, the blog-post unveils important information about 10 vital points that speak about violence against women. Take a look.

  • It’s illegal for someone to share your sexually explicit photos with anyone, whether online or offline. If your partner is involved in any kind of such activity, take instant legal action against him.
  • When your partner repeatedly puts you down, he is getting legally wrong. Persistent name-calling, or mocking, or insulting is completely prohibited by the law. This kind of abuse or humiliation has more lasting effects than physical abuse. So, next time your partner repeats this action, remind him about the law.
  • To restrict someone’s money is deemed illegal. As per new legislation, it’s completely unlawful to ask your partner about the receipt of spending, evidence of allowance, mobile bills, credit card bills, etc.
  • When your partner stops you from seeing your friends and family, it is also a part of illegal doing under domestic violence
  • If he threats you about revealing your sexual health condition, sexual orientation, or other personal details, it’s a form of violence. As per the law, women have the right to call for legal action against someone who threats to unveil private things.
  • Women generally have no choice in many decisions. In a relationship, any of the partners cannot have control over others. So, if your partner forces you to follow rules he makes, he’s committing a crime and you are free to seek legal assistance.
  • Your partner does not reserve the right to comment on your lifestyle or your dress sense. And therefore, he’s doing the sinful activity if he stops you from having your choice for an appearance. This is one of the most hidden acts of violence women know.
  • When your partner forces you to commit a crime, abuse someone, hurt children, stops you from taking help from legal authorities, or involve related illicit things, it indicates about his unlawful behavior. You can instantly call legal authorities and take corrective action.
  • According to the law, if your partner does not physically harm you but frighten to do the same, he is involved in an offense. This may include, showing angry gestures, harming your favorite things, showing you a smack, shouting, punching walls, breaking things, and more are the part of this offense.
  • It’s normal to have little positive protectiveness about the partner. However, it goes wrong when your partner has feelings of jealousy or insecurity. When you meet someone and he constantly suspects you, this shows the grounds of persecution.

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