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12 Empowering Beliefs That Can Change Your Life

On September 5, 2019

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev


Being a woman is not easy. There are too many things, ways, and people that make our lives miserable. We have to give up on our personal ambitions, desires, dreams, needs, prestige, and pride at many points in life. Things have not ended yet. The society, your partner, and other people don’t let us live peaceably and they keep nagging or abusing us by either hurting physically or mentally.

At Women Rising Above Abuse, the non-profit organization empowering women, we take pride helping a large number of women who feel dejected or moved or abused due to range of reasons. We have helped a lot of women in gaining the quality of life back. If you feel gloomy due to domestic violence, it’s time to empower and rejuvenate yourself by repeating these things again and again:

  • No matter how bad things are, I will always have deep faith in me. I, myself, would take initiative and find the solution to my problems.
  • I know setting boundaries with people is important and I would respect that. I would not let anybody disrespect or cross their boundaries with an intention to hurt my self-esteem.
  • I love myself the way I am. I respect myself more than anyone else can ever do.
  • I will practice more for self-awareness and self-acceptance to challenge all the difficulties that would along my way and I would not let them hinder my mental peace.
  • I would not look at other people to tell me that what’s right for me. I’m self-confident enough to make choice for my own.
  • There is nothing good or bad in life but the thinking is. I know everything happens for a reason and I will wait for the good reason to come and let me know about this.
  • I’ve created my life and only I have full charge on it. So, I would not blame anyone for not keeping me happy. I’m solely responsible for my happiness.
  • I live in peace, love, and happiness that I have created for my own world. So, I will come to know about the purpose of my life and I would bring the best of me.
  • I know that mistakes are just the stepping stones. I will learn from my mistake and make sure for not repeating them again for the same reason.
  • I will not be afraid of challenging myself and embrace the change in me. I know it’s going to be for a good motive.
  • I will constantly work on emotional self-care, I will open new possibilities for me, and I will leverage my strengths.
  • I will learn and earn to make my future brightening without asking for help from anybody.

If your partner is trying to let you down or abusing you, your self-motivation and self-transformation is the answer for it. You can contact any non-profit organization empowering women and seek support to bring your life back on the track. Women Rising Above Abuse has empowered and inspired women like you and transformed their lives dramatically. Call us or write down your queries. We would love to hear from you!