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Adopt These Ways and Stop Domestic Violence In Your Community

On April 16, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

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As per the World Health Organization (WHO), in some regions of the world, 35% women are suffering from domestic violence. This percentage is increasing with each passing year, and its high time the society should take a step forward to end this trauma that can lead to serious consequences. The intervention of neighbors and help extended by women and youth empowerment groups is one of the keys to stop the violence.

Following are the tips to prevent and intervene to stop domestic violence in your community or neighborhood.

Get Your Community Organized – Safety and influence will always reign! Make your community a place where domestic violence will not at all be tolerated. A community where the abuser will be prosecuted for the wrong. So, as every community has neighbors to watch domestic violence, form a network where people will come forward and put in their every effort to intervene in domestic violence situations and put an end to this emotional and physical abuse. These folks will help victim leave their abuser and provide a communal support structure for survivors.

Make Your Society Educated – Considered to be one of the best ways to eradicate poverty from your community or neighborhood is to educate as many people as possible about domestic violence, its impact and how to intervene safely. This can be done in association with your local women and youth empowerment groups or women’s organization, local schools or by organizing workshops to implement talks, townhall meetings to discuss and make the people learn about this devastating issue.

Be a Source of Information – If your friend or anyone you know who is the victim of domestic violence, help her find the assistance she needs. You can provide support to a victim by providing her legal information about domestic violence, asking her to join local empowerment programs, or finding her a safe place to live a new life. In these situations, the greatest danger a woman face is the actual process of leaving, so find a safe place where they could be empowered, encouraged, and uplifted so as to move confidently in the society. These shelter homes help women and girls heal both spiritually and naturally.

Listen To Empower – If the victim of domestic violence reaches out to you, pay an ear to them. Make her feel that you believe her. Victims often feel completely isolated and many bad thoughts pop up in their mind. At this phase, be the ray of hope, empower them, help them lead the normal life with hope, purpose, and faith. Make them come in contact with women and youth empowerment groups who empower women through coaching and events and workshops. They also provide medical treatment and social support in the forms of one-on-one and group therapy.

A safe environment help women and girls move from a life of dismay and despair to a life of empowerment through Christ. Knowing these steps can make the society, community, and neighborhood aware of the domestic violence and its impact. Women Rising Above Abuse (WRAA) is a non-profit woman and youth empowerment group which helps women overcome abuse in all forms.