Women Rising Above Abuse

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10 Things That Indicate Your Partner Is Going Legally Wrong

When it comes to a physically abusive relationship, many people think of violence; however, mental torture is equally wrong and illegal. Psychologists say that psychological torture is more dangerous than physical abuse. In many cases, women don’t have any clue about this kind of illegal act. Here, the blog-post unveils important information about 10 vital […]

Celebrate Your Victory on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or domestic abuse or intimate partner abuse is generally a result of low self-esteem, extreme anger, strong emotions, frustration, inferiority, a tradition of being dominating, personality disorder, etc. Earlier, domestic violence was considered quite normal among the families, and this was the reason, it became acceptable too. Today, things have changed and women […]

Few Supportive Non-Profit Organizations for Domestic Violence Victims

For more than 25 years, National Institute of Justice has been instructing public and policymakers about widespread problem of domestic violence in the United States of America. Increased exposure to the awareness has made a significant drop of 30% in the cases of domestic abuse. Yet, there are millions of other women who prefer being […]

Domestic Violence: Your Partner’s Good Behavior Can Be an Act

Before we go into the depth of the information, let’s have a look on the key facts collected from various surveys, news, and reports on domestic violence: • Intimate partner violence and sexual violence are common among women worldwide. About 40% of married women confronted and accepted it openly. • About 45% of murders of […]

Fight Against Domestic Violence and Embrace the New You!

Living with a partner who abuses you is extremely hard to deal with. Women are the main victims of physical, sexual, and mental harassment, as compared to men. According to recent research, nearly 2 in 5 women in the US are harmed by their partners every day. Not in the USA alone, domestic violence has […]

5 Signs of Emotional Abuse and How to Deal With It

Physical abuse can be recognized easily, but emotional abuse is hard to figure out. It remains undetected by family, friends, colleagues, and even by yourself. Living with a partner who emotionally abuses you can affect your mental and physical well-being. You may not know what you are going through if you don’t identify the difference […]

The Dangers of Silence in Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is a social problem that causes more pain for women than visible scars. Getting abused by the person whom you love has a ripple effect on your mind, body, and soul. Abuse can be more than just physical violence. There are different forms of domestic abuse – mental, financial, emotional, sexual, verbal, and […]

How Women Should Empower Themselves & Other They Know

How to empower women? It is one question that is being frequently asked and no one is able to find an accurate answer. Often the word “Empower” is used to advertise, sell and sometimes people end up doing the opposite of what it exactly means. In the real sense, the word empowers means making someone […]

Types of Domestic Violence – And How to Empower Yourself

Ideally, domestic violence is often portrayed as physical abuse but there are several types of domestic violence. Domestic violence affects millions of women and young girls globally in all types of relationships – traditional marriages, same sex partnerships, and live-in relationships and the ones where there is no involvement of sexual intimacy. Domestic violence is […]