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Are You Feeling Suicidal After Domestic Abuse? Don’t Feel

You’re not alone, many of the women who face domestic abuse by the hands of the one who they trust more than anything feel suicidal sometimes. Feeling suicidal in such circumstances doesn’t mean you are coward or weak. It only means you are undergoing more pain than you can cope up with. This pain seems […]

This New Year Promise Yourself a Better Life

On January 4, 2019

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

Happy New Year 2019!! Women trafficking and migration, domestic violence, women abuse incidents have been dominating the headlines very frequently. Thousands of women globally die each day from pregnancy related causes, domestic violence, suicides due to depression – and almost all of these deaths are preventable. Millions of young girls across the world are facing […]

Inspiring Tales to Move on in Life after Abuse or Domestic Violence

On November 27, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

Moving on in life after undergoing breakup or setback from someone special in life is very difficult. Healing after an abusive relationship is all the more difficult. Domestic abuse and violence have their own impact on the victim. But from someone transitioning from being a victim to becoming a survivor, the process may include frequent […]

From Victims to Agents of Change: How Empowerment Helps

On October 7, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

Abuse changes you! This is an undeniable truth that women and girls across the globe are the biggest victims of domestic violence. 1 in 4 women become victims of domestic abuse in her lifetime. Despite efforts have been made to put an end to this problem, yet most cases are never reported. Women who survive […]

Tips for Safely Reaching Out for Help If Your are Physically Abused

Social, physical, sexual and emotional – all are different forms of abuse. If you’re being subjected to any kind of abuse, organizations for women victims of physical abuse such as Women Rising Above Abuse can offer you help and support. Such organizations provide immense support if you’re in an abusive relationship, don’t know what to do about it, […]

Women Empowerment Group Meeting | Women Rising Above Abuse

On August 29, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

Almost a decade ago, I was living a monotonous life – eat, go to work, come to home, sleep and repeat. I wanted to live a life – full of hope, energy, inspiration and empowerment. With this thought in my mind, I started monthly Women Empowerment Group Meeting where women like me and young girls […]

How to Embrace Yourself after Going through Abuse

On August 8, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

Women who have been through domestic violence or sexual / physical abuse often lose their confidence and self-esteem. So, it is vital to move beyond the hurt and scars, and rise up. Women should empower themselves and become a better self. Some may have found strength and risen from their past abuse, while some are […]

How WRAA Non-Profit Organization Helps Victims of Physical Abuse

Abuse against women occurs in families of all educational, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. It is found in both rural and urban settings. Abuse can be in any form, be it physical, sexual, psychological, or threatened. No matter what the form is, but it occurs only in an intimate relationship. Intimate relationships include a current or […]

How a Community Can Help Women Survivors of Emotional Abuse

The question that is always asked from the victims of emotional or domestic abuse is “Why didn’t you simply leave such frustrating relationship?” Sometimes even the victims really don’t understand why? There are many different reasons for not leaving. To all those who have left such heart wrenching relationship, a community for women survivors of emotional […]

Are You In An Abusive Relationship – What To Do Next

On June 12, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

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Anyone can be subjugated to domestic violence and abuse, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused or denied. This is especially true when the abuse is both psychological as well as physical. Noticing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship is the first step of ending it. If you recognize yourself or someone you […]