Women Rising Above Abuse

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Celebrate Your Victory on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or domestic abuse or intimate partner abuse is generally a result of low self-esteem, extreme anger, strong emotions, frustration, inferiority, a tradition of being dominating, personality disorder, etc. Earlier, domestic violence was considered quite normal among the families, and this was the reason, it became acceptable too. Today, things have changed and women […]

Domestic Violence: Your Partner’s Good Behavior Can Be an Act

Before we go into the depth of the information, let’s have a look on the key facts collected from various surveys, news, and reports on domestic violence: • Intimate partner violence and sexual violence are common among women worldwide. About 40% of married women confronted and accepted it openly. • About 45% of murders of […]

How Women Should Empower Themselves & Other They Know

How to empower women? It is one question that is being frequently asked and no one is able to find an accurate answer. Often the word “Empower” is used to advertise, sell and sometimes people end up doing the opposite of what it exactly means. In the real sense, the word empowers means making someone […]