Women Rising Above Abuse

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Types of Domestic Violence – And How to Empower Yourself

Ideally, domestic violence is often portrayed as physical abuse but there are several types of domestic violence. Domestic violence affects millions of women and young girls globally in all types of relationships – traditional marriages, same sex partnerships, and live-in relationships and the ones where there is no involvement of sexual intimacy. Domestic violence is […]

Are You Feeling Suicidal After Domestic Abuse? Don’t Feel

You’re not alone, many of the women who face domestic abuse by the hands of the one who they trust more than anything feel suicidal sometimes. Feeling suicidal in such circumstances doesn’t mean you are coward or weak. It only means you are undergoing more pain than you can cope up with. This pain seems […]

This New Year Promise Yourself a Better Life

Happy New Year 2019!! Women trafficking and migration, domestic violence, women abuse incidents have been dominating the headlines very frequently. Thousands of women globally die each day from pregnancy related causes, domestic violence, suicides due to depression – and almost all of these deaths are preventable. Millions of young girls across the world are facing […]