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Celebrate Your Victory on Domestic Violence

On October 3, 2019

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev


Domestic violence or domestic abuse or intimate partner abuse is generally a result of low self-esteem, extreme anger, strong emotions, frustration, inferiority, a tradition of being dominating, personality disorder, etc. Earlier, domestic violence was considered quite normal among the families, and this was the reason, it became acceptable too. Today, things have changed and women are more aware of the actions taken against this prevalent social issue. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and that’s why we (a renowned non-profit organization empowering women) want you to know a little more about this horrific crime and ways to deal with it. If you too have been living life like a domestic violence victim, this will help you for sure.

Are The Victims Responsible For Domestic Violence?

If you think that you are responsible for this horrific crime, you are wrong. Experts say that a victim never causes domestic violence; however, in many cases, women think that they are the reason for this. Abusers try hard to convince victims and make them accept that they deserve their abusive behavior. This is the classic control tactic, which encourages him to do the same sin again and again. Discrimination, exposure to violence, alcohol use, gender norms, religious practices, loss of community support, lack of understanding are some of the contributors to domestic violence against women. Detailed information about all these causes may get you aware of the reason related to your partner’s behavior.

Why Do These Abusers Hurt Victims More Often?

Well, there is no surefire answer to this complicated question; however, theories say that they hurt people because of being grown up in an abusive environment. They were surrounded by two types of people in their family- victims and abusers, which make them create the same family atmosphere. External factors like drugs, alcohol, gambling, unemployment, pre-relationship history and mental issues like anger and sense of domination lead a man to abuse his partner (physical, sexual, emotional, intimate partner). Many abusers feel completely justified in their actions.

How Can You Defeat Domestic Violence Easily?

Killing yourself whether physically or mentally is not a way to avoid the situation. There are several helpful ways that can help you turn your life completely. Experts say that victims can boldly come up against this sinful condition and disapprove any kind of related act. Join a group of people who discuss such social issues and encourage women to take the best preventing steps. Education is the power so it’s important that you are aware of your rights and don’t allow someone to play with them. Don’t be afraid of taking legal action against your partner. Enlarge your circle of supporters and do every little deed to make yourself feel helped.

How Can You Celebrate National Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

It’s never too late. If you have not dared to take action against this sinful activity, it’s the best time to do so. You can change your story in October. Quite a large number of women have taken a pledge of not allowing themselves to be a victim of domestic violence. Join our non-profit organization empowering women, fix an appointment with our expert victim support, and know the life-changing facts to have a new beginning. Contact me today!