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Domestic Violence: Your Partner’s Good Behavior Can Be an Act

On July 4, 2019

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev


Before we go into the depth of the information, let’s have a look on the key facts collected from various surveys, news, and reports on domestic violence:

• Intimate partner violence and sexual violence are common among women worldwide. About 40% of married women confronted and accepted it openly.

• About 45% of murders of women are committed by their intimate partners.

• According to WHO’s global estimates report, every 1 in 3 women gets victimized.

• Violence can affect a woman’s health while increasing the risks of HIV in some settings.

• Women with low education, pregnancy, childhood abuse, and subordinate status develop higher risks of abuse.

The beginning:

“He’s not like others; he might have done this mistakenly.”

“I know he has hurt me today but he loves me.”

“I cannot stop loving him because of what happened in the morning. I know he’s very nice.”

“An undesirable intimacy is very common in marriages. What’s the big deal?”

Do you convince yourself this way, when he hurt you? If yes, you might have denied yourself as a victim after going through the facts. Right? Just because your partner is well-behaved, he does not have the right to do wrong with you. The partners of these loving (not actually nice) men refuse to take responsibility for domestic violence. If you too belong to the same group, you are a confused victim! The blog post will help you identify the ways and know to prioritize your safety and well-being.

Manipulation Is Their Main Trait

They know that you are easy-to-convince and it’s not a big challenge for them to manipulate you and let them do what they want. They will end up this scenario saying that you are nice and understanding partner. A lot of survivors say that their relationship has more compatibility and understanding without having an idea of hidden domestic violence. This way, abusive and controlling partners go on abusing you in a hidden manner.

They Are Not Attentive To You

They know you are a soft target and they can manipulate you and do what they want. They always end up saying that you are nice and understanding. They are always busy in themselves. They have selfish behavior. They do not pay heed to your needs and requirements.

They Say No To Joining Social Groups     

They do not want you to characterize the abuser hidden inside them. Therefore, they do not allow you to join any women empowerment group, any non-profit organization empowering women, conversation on survivors, and anything related to domestic violence. Even the coin has two sides and they would not let you know their second face. Also, they will deny accepting the fact that you are in an abusive condition. That’s how they play the game to make a relationship go according to their will.

These main points might have given you a glimpse of hidden abuse; however, there are many more to know for improving your condition. Contact us. We are a non-profit organization empowering women and help abuse victims to empower themselves. We help women like you understand and realize their self-worth and enhance confidence so that they can lead an abuse-free life. Write us your queries and give us a chance to assist you with your dilemma.