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    Violence against women is a widespread and pervasive problem. One-third of all women have experienced physical or sexual abuse during their lives. The most common form of violence against women is intimate partner violence (IPV), which has significant (public) health and social impacts.


    To serve the victims of domestic violence, to empower, strength and uplift those that have suffered from abuse Women Rising Above Abuse (WRAA) – an empowerment community for physically abused women – is all set out to empower them, to help them lead the normal life with hope, purpose, and faith.

    We as an organization for women victims of physical abuse help them overcome this trauma through journalizing, mentorship, counseling, and workshops. Our main motive as a community for women survivors of emotional abuse is to help the domestic abuse victims overcome their past and take a step forward to lead an independent life of happiness.

    Discussions – Explore and engage in moderator led and peer to peer discussions on the topics that matter you the most. Discussions can help you share your thoughts and feelings and gain a right solution to the problem, thus helping you to effectively solve the problem. Discussion with friends or mentor is a safe way to overcome the traumatic elements that are difficult to share with anyone or say it aloud.

    Stories – Real life stories are considered to be a true inspiration! Get inspired by how people just like you are creating an impact for women and girls facing similar situations. Their real-life stories can improve your confidence and self-esteem. It also helps other in taking well-informed decisions, gain more control of their lives and helps them make suitable plans for the future.

    People – The victims are made to connect with the people of high intellect within the community for women’s economic empowerment. People can render their support in women empowerment by putting a stop over their judgmental and conventional approach to address women of our society. Instead, they should actually accept and have a firm belief in the abilities of a woman.

    Organizations – WRAA is a non-profit organization for women victims of physical abuse that is set out to empower, strength and uplift those who have suffered from abuse. We guide women through abusive situations. We provide tools and connect our women and girls to the right people for the best personal outcome. We provide a safe place for women and girls to gather and push forward.

    Events and Opportunities – For the victims, we look out for online and offline events and opportunities that can advance and enrich their career. As an empowerment community for physically abused women, we provide the victims help through journalizing, mentorship, counseling, and workshops. These together help the victims in deciding what kind of life they want to create for themselves for moving forward.

    Individually, you can render your support by volunteering at WRAA. You can empower, and encourage, and uplifts your clients through life-enriching talks and experiences. You can also help in the form of donations. If you or someone you know needs help, get in touch with us today @ https://womenrisingaboveabuse.org/contacts/.