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Fight Against Domestic Violence and Embrace the New You!

On June 3, 2019

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev


Living with a partner who abuses you is extremely hard to deal with. Women are the main victims of physical, sexual, and mental harassment, as compared to men. According to recent research, nearly 2 in 5 women in the US are harmed by their partners every day.

Not in the USA alone, domestic violence has turned into a major problem of almost every country. Domestic violence refers to a range of abuse including physical, verbal, mental, sexual, and economical.

If you, too, belong to the same group of women who suffer on a daily basis, this information is for you. This blog post will tell you the ways of fighting and overcoming this prevalent issue of many families.

A Few Helpful Techniques to Take Over Domestic Violence:

When you are ready to begin recovery, you are born again!

However, dealing with the problem may seem a bit difficult because what works for others may not go in your favor. Still, you can give these solutions a try to get your life back on the track. Given below are some of the useful ways that can bring a change!

Break Social Isolation: Getting social, interacting with people, meeting with friends, increasing your network, and listening to motivators can amazingly help you heal your emotional and mental wounds. Here, being social does not mean you have to tell your problems to others. Being social means to be with people who help you keeping away from the thoughts that bother you all day or in solitude.

Call or invite a friend, go in family-gatherings, hangout, and do what connects you with a group of good people.

Do Not Blame Yourself: In every case, men play blame-game with their partners and get them responsible for every unfavorable situation. For them, women are the root cause of any problem. Well, this deduction is false and the culprit, himself, is responsible for his behavioral change.

Know that there is no end of this wrath and you have to take an initiative to defend yourself and develop your confidence to fight against this brutal doing.

Make Yourself A Priority: One major reason why a large number of women go through domestic violence is that they keep everything else in their priority list instead of their own self. As a result, they end up feeling isolated. Studies have shown that developing self-love and self-care and protecting self-esteem help to boost your confidence level.

Learn a new activity: According to a report, getting involved in any new activity increases concentration and helps to relieve the mental condition.

Update yourself, replace old and bad habits with the new ones, and make changes in your life. Search new interests, learn new activities or develop new but good habits that keep you away from stress.

A Break Is Indeed A Need: Many times, this trick works. You no longer need to tolerate the abusive behavior in any case. Take a break from your daily life, have a good time, plan a solo trip, go for a vacation with friends, and be with people who inspire you.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Professional Help?

As we told earlier that the recovery from domestic violence is not the one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, it’s better to seek support from a community that helps victims of domestic violence. The experts at such communities have a long history of working on relevant problems and providing great aid. Women Rising Above Abuse is one such community, or you can say a non-profit organization for domestic violence victims, that assists women through motivation, enlarges their networking, checks on the problem, and suggests the best ways to cope with such problems.

You can contact us to seek help before it’s too late to save the real you. Their valuable assistance will help you to bring newness, strength, self-assurance, self-love, and so much more. Get ready for empowerment!