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How to Embrace Yourself after Going through Abuse

On August 8, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev


Women who have been through domestic violence or sexual / physical abuse often lose their confidence and self-esteem. So, it is vital to move beyond the hurt and scars, and rise up. Women should empower themselves and become a better self. Some may have found strength and risen from their past abuse, while some are still dying every day from the pain. Women and youth empowerment groups help victims of abuse to rise up from their past abuse and be the champions they are destined to be.

Remember, it was abuser’s fault and you are perfect – The abuse survivors are often blamed for not being good and they also start believing that “Yes, they are not good enough.” However, the truth is that your abuser was not enough. Only a dysfunctional person will harm another person. One cannot feel superior by abusing any other person. You are perfect in your own imperfect ways.

  • You cannot change an abuser with love – There is nothing that could bring a change in your partner. You have tried your level best. Giving more love to the abuser out of hope that he or she would change, ultimately gives your partner more power. It’s time to step back and do not allow another person to treat you badly.
  • Empowerment is necessary to move forward – Although you didn’t do anything wrong, still there are victims who fight a battle within their own self. Attend workshops organized by women and youth empowerment groups to empower and uplift yourself. Such workshops feature strong and confident women who have gone through abuse in the past but are now empowered to do anything. They will inspire you to move forward to a life of redemption.
  • You deserve better, trust us – Relationships are always built on trust. You deserve love and respect, and not trauma and disrespect in your present relationship. End your abusive relationship and start a new life with confidence. There are people who will treat you in a much better way. Deeply analyze your strengths and start loving your little quirks. You will end up being friends to good people, and start a relationship with the one who thinks for your good.

You might have been abused or assaulted yesterday, but tomorrow you are going to be the light of the world. For that, you have to start today! Join a women and youth empowerment group to become an independent person who knows her self-worth.