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Phone: 408-722-867

Raelinda E Watson-Berry is a native of Northern California. She is an innovative community leader, and mentor to many young women. She is a wife who has served in her local church for over 40 years. Raelinda holds an Associate’s degree in General Education, from Chabot College. A Bachelors in Psychology, and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Holy Names University. She also has a Certificate in Pastoral Counseling. Raelinda generally works under three theoretical schools of thought; Behavior Modification, Family Systems Theory, and an overall Humanistic approach to treatment modalities.

Raelinda is the CEO and President of Central Valley Foster Care Inc. (CVFC) serving over two thousand Northern California children for 17 years. CVFC is based in Riverbank California as a treatment foster care agency. CVFC recruits and qualifies eligible parents to provide quality care for abused or neglected children.

Raelinda is a woman of purpose and passion who is dedicated to helping people. She has acquired knowledge and wisdom through years of education and practical experiences.

Contact Raelinda at 408-389-8672.