Women Rising Above Abuse

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10 Things That Indicate Your Partner Is Going Legally Wrong

When it comes to a physically abusive relationship, many people think of violence; however, mental torture is equally wrong and illegal. Psychologists say that psychological torture is more dangerous than physical abuse. In many cases, women don’t have any clue about this kind of illegal act. Here, the blog-post unveils important information about 10 vital […]

Celebrate Your Victory on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or domestic abuse or intimate partner abuse is generally a result of low self-esteem, extreme anger, strong emotions, frustration, inferiority, a tradition of being dominating, personality disorder, etc. Earlier, domestic violence was considered quite normal among the families, and this was the reason, it became acceptable too. Today, things have changed and women […]

Domestic Violence: Your Partner’s Good Behavior Can Be an Act

Before we go into the depth of the information, let’s have a look on the key facts collected from various surveys, news, and reports on domestic violence: • Intimate partner violence and sexual violence are common among women worldwide. About 40% of married women confronted and accepted it openly. • About 45% of murders of […]

How Women Should Empower Themselves & Other They Know

How to empower women? It is one question that is being frequently asked and no one is able to find an accurate answer. Often the word “Empower” is used to advertise, sell and sometimes people end up doing the opposite of what it exactly means. In the real sense, the word empowers means making someone […]

Are You Feeling Suicidal After Domestic Abuse? Don’t Feel

You’re not alone, many of the women who face domestic abuse by the hands of the one who they trust more than anything feel suicidal sometimes. Feeling suicidal in such circumstances doesn’t mean you are coward or weak. It only means you are undergoing more pain than you can cope up with. This pain seems […]

Inspiring Tales to Move on in Life after Abuse or Domestic Violence

Moving on in life after undergoing breakup or setback from someone special in life is very difficult. Healing after an abusive relationship is all the more difficult. Domestic abuse and violence have their own impact on the victim. But from someone transitioning from being a victim to becoming a survivor, the process may include frequent […]

From Victims to Agents of Change: How Empowerment Helps

Abuse changes you! This is an undeniable truth that women and girls across the globe are the biggest victims of domestic violence. 1 in 4 women become victims of domestic abuse in her lifetime. Despite efforts have been made to put an end to this problem, yet most cases are never reported. Women who survive […]