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Tips for Safely Reaching Out for Help If Your are Physically Abused


Social, physical, sexual and emotional – all are different forms of abuse. If you’re being subjected to any kind of abuse, organizations for women victims of physical abuse such as Women Rising Above Abuse can offer you help and support. Such organizations provide immense support if you’re in an abusive relationship, don’t know what to do about it, don’t know where to go to get help and don’t know what your rights are.

What is physical abuse? On an average, 20 people are physically abused per minute by an intimate partner in the United States. There are more than 20,000 phone calls placed in a day to domestic violence hotlines globally. In a physically abusive relationship, one person uses physical forces to cause harm to another person. This results in fight, thus causing bruises or injuries.

How Physical Abuse Begins?

Blame Game – An abuser often blames the third person for doing an action that led to violent behavior. The behavior sometimes is the result of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or feeling stressed or frustrated.

Telling You They Are Sorry – After an assault, the abuser feels the remorse and apologizes. They beg forgiveness and promise not to repeat in future. They regret in future many times for what they have done, making it difficult for the victim to leave the relationship.

If you have been physically abused below we have mentioned the major national call lines that you can use and seek immediate help.

  • National Center for Victims of Crime – 800-FYI-CALL (800-394-2255) – They provide information, education, and referrals resources across the country. The hotline is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm and assistance is offered in numerous languages.
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline – 800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233) and 800-787-3224 (TDD) – They provide crisis intervention, safety planning, information, and referrals for individuals experiencing domestic violence. The hotline is available from 24 hours a day and assistance is offered in numerous languages.
  • National Organization for Victim Assistance – 800-TRY-NOVA (800-879-6682) – Their main aim is to promote rights and services for victims of crime and crisis. The hotline is available for 24 hours a day and information and referrals is offered in numerous languages.
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline – 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673) – The hotline is being operated by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), which also carries out programs to help prevent sexual assault, assist victims, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.
  • Women Rising Above Abuse (WRAA) – The non-profit organization aims to empower, strengthen and uplift those who have suffered from abuse through empowerment groups. In monthly group meetings, we discuss, hear your stories, laugh, inspire and empower each other. In case of help, you can reach out to us at (408) 389-8672.

These organizations for women victims of physical abuse help women and girls who have suffered trauma caused by sexual, emotional, and physical abuse to heal through support and empowerment groups. Call them for help or join their groups to lead a confident and abuse-free life.