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On April 9, 2018

By womenrisingaboveabuse@dev

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Many victims don’t speak up because they fear being judged and pressured by others.”

Violence and abuse against women and young girls are rooted in every nook and corner of the world. The main causes behind the violence can be attributed to gender-based discrimination, low level of education, limited economic opportunities, and conflict and tension within a marriage to name a few. However, the best way to end violence against women and girls is to prevent it from happening in the first place by addressing its root and structural causes. But still, if this violence does not end, it’s time to think over.

This violence has such a devastating effect on women that they lose all hope, zeal, and enthusiasm to live. Given the devastating effect violence has on women, they need empowerment to live their lives again to the fullest. Women and youth empowerment groups provide them immense support to stand back and face the life challenges once again.

Non-profit organizations focus on the provision of services to address the long-term welfare of the victims. Long-term services include coaching and assistance in establishing financial and social independence. They are designed to improve their coping skills, decrease social isolation, increase self-esteem and confidence and reduce self-blame. They seem to be the most valuable when coaches use reflective listening and statements of empathy.

Being one of the leading women and youth empowerment groups in the US, Women Rising Above Abuse provides such services such as coaching and education, which together help establish independence, give them the zeal to live life to the fullest without any worries, be strong emotionally, and face the world with uplifted eyes. Women and girls who have suffered the trauma of sexual, emotional and physical abuse lead a life of empowerment and full of hope.

We help victims of sexual and physical abuse to become self-empowered that further helps them make informed decisions that best reflect their interests and needs. This empowerment can also result in better quality of life and a socially productive and healthy life. The women and girls are provided the right tools and connected with the right people for the best personal outcome. When the women are emotionally, spiritually and socially secured, they come to the terms of their past abuse and move forward to a life of redemption.

How Does Women Rising Above Abuse Empower Women

Women Rising Above Abuse (WRAA) is a non-profit community looking to help women overcome abuse in all forms. We provide a safe place for women and girls to gather and push forward. Our solution starts with seeking “Help” that is the first step.

Our women and youth empowerment groups help women who have suffered unresolved hurt and trauma caused by sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. We help them heal both spiritually and naturally. We provide a safe environment and help these women move from a life of hopelessness to a life of happiness.